•Low Sale Price ($24.99)
•Easy To Install With Detailed Instructions
•HPF Model Filter Works On All HDTV and DVR Boxes
•Orders ship via Fed Ex/USPS
•Works With Any System, 100% Compatibility Even In Canada
(Time Warner, Adelphia, Comcast, ANY Company!)
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This is the filter in high demand because of it's ability to allow the user free Pay-Per-View movies and Pay-Per-View channels with the purchases never showing up on the bill. If you purchase this filter, it is your responsibility to use it legally.

*This High Pass Cable Filter is meant for use on digital RF products, if attached, it is able to block the PPV signal that is sent to the cable company for billing. You will receive the purchased PPV movie without the cable company knowing, therefore, it is your job to alert them of all movies/events ordered. Check with local & state laws before using this product.*

These are newly designed and is a super mini size high pass filters. They have excellent specifications, dimensions of only 13mm x 40.5mm and a weight of only 18g. These filters are best suitable for use in many communications applications, such as CATV, Cable Internet and other RF systems.

Recently there has been a major increase in demand for the filters due to their ability to block outgoing signals such as PPV ordering information from most residential digital cable terminals. We do not authorize or condone such action, it is basically the customers' responsibility to abide by all local, state, and federal laws.

The electrical features are listed below:
1. Wide Band, Frequency Up To 1GHz.
2. High Rejection, 60dB(type) / 55dB(min).
3. Lowest insertion loss, signal-through-loss reduced to a minimum.
4. Excellent return loss 20dB, good impedance match reduces signal loss to keep the signal clean.
5. Pass Band: 54-1000 MHz


Never buy a filter without this information.
*Be Aware* ALL Cable Boxes have stored memory, inside this memory is the PPV's purchased information.

We have the easiest, quickest instructions to clear your memory which won't require you to open your box. In these instructions come button combinations for just about every box on the market. Our memory clearing instructions are guaranteed to work on your box, no matter the company, no matter the manufacturer.

With our filters come instructions that will help you with your purchase. For most people the instructions aren't needed, but just in case, we have you covered.

Also, you will be given our tech support email which is answered daily, you can't anticipate problems, you can only prepare for them, and if there's an issue, we're here to help.

This information and filter are only to be used by legitimate cable technicians and/or for educational purposes only. Legally if you decide to use this filter in an illegal way, you assume all responsibility for your actions and the seller will not be held responsible.

The New HPF-54 allows for 10x as many PPV's (about 100, other normal filters allow about 10-15) to be ordered before having to clear the memory. Also prevents all interference on the line for a clear picture the entire way through. Instructions on clearing the memory come with each filter. This filter is the top of the line best money can buy. They are in limited supply because of demand but are in stock now. Also, the HPF filter is the only filter guaranteed to work on HDTV boxes as well as standard digital boxes.

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The S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filters works only on standard boxes. If you have a DVR or HD set/box you need to buy the HPF-54 below.
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (1 Filter) $24.99 -
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (2 Filters) $39.99 -
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (3 Filters) $49.99 -
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (4 Filters) $59.99 -
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (5 Filters) $69.99 -
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (10 Filters) $99.99 -
S-50 Standard Digital Cable Filter (20 Filters) $179.99 -
(The HPF filter works on all standard digital and HDTV boxes. If you have OnDemand, HDTV or DVR, please order the HPF.)
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (1 Filter) $39.99 -
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (2 Filters) $54.99 -
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (3 Filters) $69.99 -
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (4 Filters) $84.99 -
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (5 Filters) $99.99 -
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (10 Filters) $199.99 -
HPF-54 On-Demand HD/DVR Filter (20 Filters) $349.99 -

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• New sealed in package.
• All orders have postal bar-code for delivery confirmation.
• All orders have a $4.99 shipping fee.
• Please allow 1-2 days processing and 3-5 days for delivery.

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Satisfied Customers:
Subject: comment
Message: Hey i just wanna say thanks for the cool service. i ordered my filter thursday night and i got it in the mail saturday morning, that's pretty quick. It took me about 30 seconds to put on my box using the directions that came with it, if it wasn't for those, i wouldn't have known which line it went on or what to do with my box before and after i put it on. i wouldn't have known how to test it to make sure it worked, if i didn't test it, my bill would have been super high if it didn't work. but it did work so thanks, im gonna order 2 more.


I got your product and it works just as advertised so I'm pleased. You guys answered my emails in no time so I'm happy about that too. You guys rock and so do these filters. Keep up the awesome work.

Travis, Ellensburg WA


Subject: Hey thanks.
Message: Hey i received my filter about a month and a half ago, even tho i did the tests that came with it to make sure it works, i still wasnt sure, so i waited until my bill came to check it, and everything worked out like it should. Seriously, thanks. I had ordered a filter from another site for $40 and it just came in a little package with no instructions on how to install it or test it. When i emailed them asking how, i waited a week but they never replied. So i sent them ANOTHER email asking them how to install it and test it, they replied a day later saying i was breaking the law and to stop emailing them. So i looked around, came here, thought whats the risk, its $45, then it came with instructions and all, thanks alot, glad to see some people really care.


Hello there! I decided to send an a message to you guys because the filter has worked so well. Not that I believed it wouldn't but... you know ;). I didn't even need the instructions but they are definitely a nice touch. The little thing in that picture works like a charm but because I'm in Canada, I was worried, but I see it was for nothing. I sent you guys an email asking if it would work in Canada and you explained to me that the U.S. and Canada share the same technology and systems so I wouldn't need to worry and for the last year, it's been great! Thanks!

Joan, British Columbia Canada

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